Bulk Handling and Bags. Transportation, handling and storage for plastics, food stuffs, liquids and raw materials.

Bulk Handling and Warehousing

Incare can provide storage, handling, transfer and transportation of bulk raw materials, plastics, chemicals, agricultural products and food stuffs.

In particular, the Plastics industry, whether it be pellet, granule, powder or flakes, Incare can transfer goods from bulk into big bags and arrange transportation to warehouse or direct to silos.

Incare can provide the full loading, unloading and transportation of bulk liners or provide you with just bulk liner materials (bags) for your own business.

Incare Offers:

  • Silo truck transfers of bulk products
  • Tilt truck transport with rotary valve chassis
  • Direct container transport
  • Curtain sided truck trailers for side loading and unloading

Polyethylene Dry Container Liner

Suited to: bulk transport of Plastic granules, Malt, Sugar, Wheat, Fodder

Moisture Resistant Dry Container Liner

There is moisture absorbent in the ceiling of the liner. Suited to: bulk transport of Coffee, Cocoa, Tobacco. Available in varying thickness and volume size.

There are also other types of liner for use with liquids and chemicals such as:

Flexitanks Leak proof Liner

Eliminate cleaning cost, Can carry 40% or more cargo than drum and 50% or more than bottles. And available in 3 different materials.

Woven Flexible Bulk Bags

Made from woven Polypropylene, holding approx. around 1360 – 1814 kg (3000-4000 lbs).
Suited to: builders sand, grains..

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