Services from Incare. Helping you with all your domestic and international delivery needs.

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Sea Freight Service

When speed is not essential, goods can be shipped via sea freight. These can include personal effects, cars, machinery, very heavy loads to fine art and antiques. Size and weight of goods may be subject to restrictions.

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Air Freight Services

Ideal for a fast, secure delivery service of a huge variety of items from small shipments to much larger project cargo. All major trade routes are covered; any size and weight can be shipped, subject to aircraft restrictions.

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Road Haulage Services

The perfect solution for a variety of needs, everything from express overnight parcels and urgent deliveries to the bigger regional and worldwide distribution. Ideal for your urgent items, legal documents or next day deliveries. Full or part trailer loads throughout UK, Europe and Scandanavia.

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Bulk Bags and Handling Services

Incare can provide storage, handling, transfer and transportation of bulk raw materials, plastics, chemicals, agricultural products and foodstuffs, particularly for the plastics industry.

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Case Making and Packaging Services

Getting your cargo delivered is only half the process; making sure it gets there safe and protected is the other. That’s why we provide expert casemaking and packaging facilities to protect your shipments. Fully enclosed bespoke wooden cases, boxes, pallets, barrier foil vacuum bags and foam-lined cases are used to provide protective packaging which is both safe and secure. All the wood we use meets IPPC restrictions and ISPM15 compliance.

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