Air Freight. The fastest delivery for shipments with an urgent deadline

Air Freight

  • Fast secure delivery. Some destinations same day
  • Door-to-Door shipment control.
  • Air freight forwarding
  • Thorough knowledge of import and export requirements, including customs regulations, licences, consular documentation, and payment practices
  • Every major trade route worldwide
  • Daily consolidations. Pre-allocated space options
  • Full or Part Charters
  • size and weight may be subject to restrictions

Use air freight for: computer hardware, jewellery, documents, small items, high value items, breakdown parts, medical supplies & equipment, boat parts, humanitarian aid.

The Air & Sea Combination

This is an answer for items that need to travel a long way in a shorter space of time than sea only would allow for.

Incare can organise Hazardous air freight – please contact us for detailed information.

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