Case Making & Packaging. Bespoke timber cases or multi item packaging, to ship securely

Case Making and Packaging

Bespoke timber case making & crates.

Designed for individual items or large “walk in” storage units can be made for storage and shipping.

Timcon & the Wood Packing Material Marking Programme.

Forestry Commission

Wood used in timber constructed cases is heat treated and approved by Timcon for shipping worldwide safely. Incare is registered (number FC0266) as a participant in the UK Wood Packing Material Marking Programme.

Incare has a wide range of packaging options to cover any item requiring protective packaging.

Pallets with protective sheets and shrink wrap suited to personal and household effects.

Cardboard packing boxes.

We carry a stock of filling material and heavy duty cardboard boxes in different sizes. Special inserts and bubble wrap supplied where needed. Boxes supplied with any move whether domestic or commercial.

Suited to: organisation of household or office contents, packing of many small items, electrical goods, very fragile items, items direct for distribution, items where no movement can occur in transit.

Foil and Barrier Packing

Suited to: Computer equipment, electrical goods, moisture sensitive items.

Professional Packing service

We can provide a full packing service for your move or export as well as transportation.

Antiques, Fragile items, Fine Art, Collector’s Pieces packed and shipped.

Incare can organise Hazardous packing, available on request – please contact us for detailed information.

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