Moving abroad happened a lot quicker than we thought, one minute we were living in London worrying about house prices, the next …. “there’s a job in Vietnam, do you want to go?” It wasn’t long from the initial meeting to “Flight XXX is currently boarding”! Like most couples, we had a lot more stuff than we originally thought and, after finding out that each airline charged a ridiculous amount for excess luggage (at the time it was round £300 for an extra 30kg!!), we decided we needed some help.  Incare International came very highly recommended.  The first thing we found out that shipping anything to Vietnam is hard, very very hard!  There are so many different rules you have to adhere to (which I have now seen first-hand).  I suspect if we had done this ourselves, our luggage would still be sat in Customs being charged some astronomical rate for storage.

Incare walked us through everything.  They collected our luggage prior to the move, packed it all and stored it at an excellent rate (compared to other companies).  We only appreciated how well everything had been packed once it arrived – not only was it tightly packed so it didn’t move in transit, it also meant the Customs arrival team in Ho Chi Minh were very reluctant to rip the whole crate apart (which I saw happen to other arrivals).  It obviously isn’t part of the service, but it just goes to show – going over and above on the ‘lead-up’ service, really made a huge difference to the service Incare provided.

The Incare Team gave us different options on speed and cost and helped us plan what we wanted.  They also allowed us to add a few bits (which we had forgotten!!) hassle free.

One huge differentiator for us was that Incare has a team member located in Vietnam who helped walk us through everything.  There are – as always – many ‘extras – that we wouldn’t have considered!

Door-to-door service that was both easy and reasonable – perfect :  a first-class service.

Thank you Incare.